Introducing Demetri At

Baby New Year looks nothing like this: rugged, handsome, manly, and wearing a dark suit. Demetri is a forty-one year old mix of Cuban, Spanish and Greek blood in a very muscled, lightly haired landscape of muscle and masculinity that wreaks of just the kind of confidence any man over thirty would have when they started building their body at 16 with no signs of stopping anytime soon.  It was as he was learning how to lift weights and getting his driver’s license that Demetri also learned how to lift his legs, or those of other men, when his first experience was a three-way with two older body builders in a locker room.  “We all fucked each other, we all sucked each other, it still is the best sex I have ever had,” he says and even though he had just shot an epic load a few moments before, just reliving that experience caused his cock to harden again even as the sperm dripped down his stomach and into his balls.  Enjoy!

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