Introducing Dawson and Gage

Gage had proven himself to be quite the passionate, intense top when he topped a guy for the very first time CF, with Derek on the lucky receiving end. Gage loves to kiss, feel, lick, grind, and obviously can’t get enough body contact – making sure every single inch of him is completely involved in what he’s doing – when going at it, and he won himself an army of fans with his first guy/guy hardcore vid!

Knowing just how intense he was as a top, Corbin Fisher was eager to see him bottoming for the first time! The stud taking Gage’s CF cherry had to be just as intense and passionate as Gage, and we all know Dawson fits that bill perfectly! Dawson can fuck like a jackhammer and also gets every single ounce of his muscled self fully involved in every video he’s in!

Sure enough, the pairing worked out perfectly and the action was intense right from the start! When these studs suck each other’s cocks, they do it with gusto! When they kiss, it looks like they’re about to swallow each other’s tongues and faces! When Dawson fucks Gage, he drives his cock all the way to the hilt!

Finally and fittingly, both of these studs get each other off at the end of this video as each has an orgasm as intense as everything leading up to it! This is a must see, check it out at!  We love you guys!