Curt Square Jaw Super Hero Type


Curt is a squared-jaw, super-hero type to me. Well, he looks like one in his mild-mannered secret identity mode. He's 28, and it sounds like he has had quite a rough history but the last couple years has been much more stable, and he feel like he is in a good space. But like many people, he was finding it tough to make ends meet. He had done some "real" modeling before and knew he had a great-sized cock, so he figured why not do some "modeling" that actually paid. He is a quiet one, but a slow stroker who really lets you see his amazing cock.

He also grew out his chest hair and pubes for us, and after realizing how good it looked, he said, "Never again." So fans of natural hair can rest easy that we have one more guy not hellbent on shaving all his body hair. Curt is another guy that does better nutting upright, to which he delivers a hefty load for us!

CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

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