Introducing Criss Strokes From Straight Guys For Gay Eyes

We don’t normally post much that includes the opposite sex ( in this case women) but for those of you who get off to seeing hot guys fucking the ladies, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes is a must see site. For all of us Gay and bi guys who like to fantasize about being on the receiving end hehe this is a GOLD MINE!

Criss Strokes is very large as in ‘huge’ and in charge. Besides the fact that Criss is 6’3", with a whopping 10 inches to play with, he likes to take charge in the bedroom. He works every angle and just about every position as he gives his girl a powerful pounding. She obviously loves it, as she reciprocates with a nice massage and blow job. Then Criss lends a hand, resulting in a big finish that’s only appropriate for such a big guy. Hot! Hot! Hot!

We lov ya Criss