Cooker And Dick Armstrong At

With the economy in the crapper this Holiday season and money being tight; it seems there just isn’t enough to go round these days. Well, at ExtraBigDicks they decided to do something about it. They’re bringing you a double whammy of ‘curious’ str8 cock…damn near 18” of it! It’s all about excess this week and we’ve brought two titans to do it. Both of these str8 boys walked in the door 100% str8, one with a long term girlfriend, the other a fiancée. Now, they are str8 boys with open minds and steadfast believers in the “A Hole is a hole” philosophy. The first is  Cooker Stevens. Cooker, a chef, found  a few years ago and never wandered off as he pushed his sexual envelope. From jackin, to trying oral, Cooker finally fucked a guy in a sizzling 3-way this spring. Once he realized boys could deep-throat his monster 9” dick better than any girl—he was hooked. Trios seem to be the key for str8 boys these days. (It used to be a beer in the 80’s) Our accomplice, Dick Armstrong, also gave in to his curiosity a few weeks ago and face fucked a guy for the first time. This ‘guy’ was bent over with another stud packin his rear. Dick figures he was at dick level and his mouth had to feel better than his hand. He was right and had no problem fuckin his throat and busting a huge load too. Dick asked to come back for more. Who better than Cooker to help him out? It’s noon on a beautiful, cloudless Miami day. Do you now where your men are ladies? Aahh…Paradise Lost?—Hardly! 

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