Jasper Van Dean In Hangin’ Out At ColtStudios.com

COLT welcomes you to the newest COLT Man of the COLT Minute Man Solo Series entitled Hangin’ Out – More specifically all-new COLT Man Jasper Van Dean with his smooth, muscular body and uncut piece. The iconic studio that continues to set the standards for high-quality male solo movies serve you with critically-acclaimed directors John Rutherford and Kristofer Weston along with three of COLT Studio’s newest all-natural super studs. COLT continues to raise the bar for the ultimate in hot voyeuristic manly action.

Hangin’ Out Introduces COLT Men Jasper Van Dean (cover man) along with all-new Ricky Parks and Vic Rocco on their very first audition with the award-winning COLT Studio production team. Don’t miss these three super-hot COLT Studio studs up close and personal for your eyes only! See them stroke pose and flirt like they were giving you your own private show.

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