DUAL: Taking It Like A Man DVD


Du-al: adjective

1. Composed of two usually like or complementary parts.
2. Having a double character or purpose: a belief in the dual nature of reality.
3. Grammar. Of, relating to, or being a number category that indicates two persons or things. Complementary parts for man-on-man contact.

There are times when only a man can take it from another man. The subject here is masculine electricity and how it’s doubled by two. Acknowledging all the variations sex can embody, taken as a group we trust what you find in these couples will be extremely erotic: and the play’s the thing after all, isn’t it? Enjoy Dual: Taking it Like a Man.

Featuring Four COLT Man Couples:
Carlo Masi with Skye Woods
Jake Andrews with Karim
Chris Wide with Gage Weston
Skye Woods with Luke Garrett

Man Country DVD

COLT Welcomes you to MAN COUNTRY!

Man Country sets the all-male erotic bar even higher. Man Country showcases four complete hardcore sex scenes hot enough to set the woods on fire! Farm-fresh eggs, hand-milked cream, and sweaty hard-working men can only be found in the great outdoors. Man Country, award-winning director John Rutherford’s celebration of Americana at its best! Jesse Balboa & Jake Andrews
COLT Men Exclusives Luke Garrett, Carlo Masi and Gage Weston
Marco Conte and Jesse Balboa
Jake Andrews and COLT Man Exclusive Chris Wide


Work It Off – minute man 25 DVD


Featuring COLT Man Exclusive Luke Garrett, COLT Man Rod Roddick and COLT Man Brad Patton.

Minute Man Solo Series. The HOTTEST COLT MEN – performing just for you!