Meet Chaz A Randy Blue Classic 

Randy Blue is a favorite of ours for so many reasons. Randy does a great job at this business. We also love the little swishing tune when you log on his site also. We thought it would be fun to take a close look at one of the models who helped him get started.  This model was Chaz. You’ve seen him around. He’s definitely made a name for himself in the porn industry as a model.
This is a little
Randy Blue retrospective and who better to help us than Chaz.
Here are Randy’s own words describing Chaz; “Probably no other model on my site has brought more attention than Chaz. When I first met Chaz I have to admit I had a huge crush on him at first site. He has a beautiful face, a fantastic body, and is bursting with this sexual energy. I had photographed Chaz for the Sept issue of a leading gay men’s magazine. Chaz had let me know he was coming to town and really wanted to get in front of the camera again. How could I say no? I chose two different themes to photograph him in, both fun and sexy. I do not think his body has looked better and while he was working his ever hard cock to get it too stand up at perfect attention I could not help staring at the big muscle ass. It’s so dark and tight and round you just want to sink your teeth right into it! OK enough about his ass, Lets talk about his dick. It’s perfect!” 
While there are tons of hot guys on
Randy Blue, it only takes a few well selected models to help set the image and Randy does a great job.