Introducing Chaosman Mattox

Mattox is the epitome of hot cocky straight guy with a big ‘ole horse dick. He’s pretty confident, but amazingly he thinks his ass is horrid even when he constantly hears others say he’s equally stacked in the hind end as well!

Despite him feeling his ass is not his best attribute, he loves to show off. You can just see it in these images! 

Mattox is an adventurous guy, willing to try everything at least once.  He kept asking Bryan during is shoot to get a girl in so he could fuck her. The kid is one serious horn dog.

Mattox loves to show off, and this is one of those vids where you know he is showing off just for you. He’s also a pre-cummer- gobs kept cumming out, during the both the photoshoot and the video, and he took great care to show it off. Bryan’s next mission, is to get that big cock sucked by a dude!  Enjoy this sexy stud.

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