Matt And Ricky From

BIG Matt is back and this time its Ricky who faces the challenge of taking what has to be one of the biggest cocks in British porn! Both these guys are “straight” yet both of them seem to be getting more and more curious as time goes by. Even so it was totally shocking that Ricky said he wanted to get fucked by Matt’s 11½ inch cock! This is good stuff hehe. Enjoy.

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Introducing Scott B From

This big, tall Essex lad sure was nervous at the beginning of his film shoot. We expect the “big” fellas to be brimming with confidence but Scott B was just so on edge that you couldn’t help but feel for the guy. It didn’t take long for him to settle down… it’s amazing how some guys are more comfortable being naked in front of the camera than actually talking on camera!

Scott is a massive 6 feet 4 inches tall and with a cheeky Essex boy accent… but he’s also got that “wide-boy” look and attitude too. You know the type… flirtatious looks in to the camera, knowing glances, teasing slaps of his rock hard cock against his stomach… Scott B definitely knows what we all want!

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