We love COLT and we love Brad Patton so it’s so easy to promote this special feature.  If you love Colt Men and you love Brad Patton you will love this production.

 COLT Studio Group has announced the latest release from Olympus Studio, director Roland Dane’s 2nd full-length feature for the recently re-launched line entitled CASTING COUCH.  Starring Buckshot Men Brad Patton and Brian Hansen and featuring some of the hottest uncut talent from Europe.  CASTING COUCH is another example of Roland Dane’s strong narrative and his talent for steamy, erotic excitement. 

The story revolves around the production of a prime time soap opera in Budapest that will star an American celebrity and tabloid subject, played by Buckshot Man Brad Patton, which sets the scene for some real ‘off screen’ action.  Buckshot Man Brian Hansen, who plays the series producer and Roland Dane, as the director, lead a cast of Eastern European uncut studs, who enact roles behind the scenes and on the set, giving the story a wide range of sexual action and characters.  Director Dane teams up again with Sacanny, the director of photography, filling the screen with their unusual angles, as well as dolly and video-editing shots, create a unique visual experience, uncommon in adult all-male erotica.

Production of  CASTING COUCH is currently wrapped and in post-production now.  This ultra-sexy Olympus movie is scheduled for release directly at www.OlympusDVD.com on DVD and at www.COLTstudiogroup.com to their online members on June 12th.

Order Now and save.  The PRE-RELEASE PRICE is $54.95!  This is going to be a classic. Enjoy the previews.  We’ll be bringing you more!

Note. For those of you that love Brad Patton, stay tuned we are creating an entire feature on Brad you won’t want to miss!  This man is a true super star. 

Now Meet the All Star Stud Filled Cast

                                     Brian Hansen

                                       Julian Vincenzo

                                        Lucio Maverick



                                           Rod Steven

                                          Roland Dane                                      

                                           Zolton Gondor