Carter Rough & Tough Red Head At Chaosmen

Bryan sure have had a run on red heads lately, with more to come!  Carter is quiet rough and tough guy. He’s a bit shy but is proud to show off his equipment. He has an unusual jack off technique, kind of a milking action. It’s definitely not conducive to showcasing his cock, but you can tell he is enjoying himself. This solo also has something else unusual, as our red-pubed boy nuts twice in a row!  He wanted to stand for the cumshot (a victim of having to jack off in the shower – the only private place growing up) so they set the camera down below and aimed for the shower of cum.

He literally milks his cock right down on the camera. If you watch just after he cums, Bryan pans back and there is still an intense look on his face. Bryan quickly scrambles to do a “pan over the aftermath” by starting at his head and panning down to his dick, which immediately starts squirting again. 


Stay tuned after the end for a little out take as I ask him about the double ejaculation!

Carter seems ok with the idea of having a guy suck his dick, and I think it would be hot to get Elliott to blow him. Red head lovers will be in ecstasy!

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