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Its the end of a hot evening in the City. Some have been working, some have been celebrating, but when the lights go down everyone just wants the same thing. And despite being obscenely drunk, getting a piece of tight ass is never far behind in Carlos’ dirty mind. So when he is approached the sexy young bar man, he uses his drunken state as an excuse to ge his hands all over Rick’s smart black uniform and gauge his chances of getting into those tight black trousers.

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Introducing Carlos Caballero

Carlos Caballero

Age: 33
Height : 6’0
Dick Size: 8"
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Role: Active

When you see a guy like Carlos you cannot help but take notice and do a double take. Standing at Six feet tall, and with piercing green eyes that seem to stare right through your clothes. its impossible not to feel the sexual charisma gushing from the Brazilian born stud. So imagine when he waltzed into the office in his immaculate dark suit, it was like Christmas rolled in! We have a tingling feeling (down below) that Carlos is quickly going to become one of the MAP favourites.

Introducing Rick Bauer

Rick Bauer

Age: 24
Height : 5’10
Dick Size: 7""
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Role: Versatile

On the face of it Rick is a boyish, enderingly innocent young Czech with an accent to match. But when he pulls off his shirt he reveals the body of a rugged man. He has these thick, hairy forearms,and the most perfect curve in his back leading down to that beautiful firm ass. All that is appealing enough, but what is even more of a turn on is the fact that he walks around the studio naked, seemingly oblivious to the effect he’s having on the film crew. He’s the full sexy package, and he doesn’t even have to try.