Bryant And His Huge Tool


At Sean Cody


Bryant is a very sexy college student with a big piece of meat swinging between his legs! Damn, that's a big tool you got there, Sean told him. Yeah, he said, smiling. How big is it? I don't know. Bigger than average I guess. That's an understatement.  What's your shoe size?  13, he replied. Bryant has a prominent tattoo on the side of his abdomen that says 'Christy.' Who is Christy?  A girl I dated in high school. I got it when I turned 18. Are you two still together? No,  he laughed. We broke up right after I got it.   Sean asked.  Are you going to get it removed?  Maybe, he said.  Or I might have it filled in more.  Doesn't it bother other girls that you have this chick's name tattooed on your side?  No, they don't really even notice it,  he said.  There are other things distracting them?  I bet the girls like your cock. Yeah,  he said.  They talk…. hehe. so do we!! Enjoy our hottie Bryant!


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