Directed by Tony Dimarco
A Four Disc Set


 This is a limited DVD run–when it is sold out it will no longer be available in DVD format.

A man’s world is world of aggression. He wants to conquer and take what he wants, in life and in sex. That struggle makes a man decide who he’s going to be. Thrust in the face of total domination some men submit, some men fight back and some men champion!

Fighting and fucking, fucking and fighting!

Brutal, the two-part, four disc blockbuster release for the fall porn season. Brutal, the creation of award winning director Tony Dimarco, is the story of a group of urban men who know each other through a fighting gym. The movie explores why men are drawn to violence against the backdrop of a championship Mixed Martial Arts match

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   Humongous Cocks Number 7 Ragging Stallion


Humongous Cocks #7

Legendary cocks from Classic Raging Stallion Scenes from Tail Pipes, Bedroom Eyes, Packin’ Loads, Resort to Anything!, Hard at Work, and Party in the Rear.

Justin Christopher and Alexy Tyler
Alexy is back to work fixing a motorcycle. His butt-crack gets the attention of Justin Christopher who approaches from behind. This all-oral scene is an impressive display of dick. Justin Christopher has one of the biggest, hardest dicks in porn and Alexy loves it. The dick sucking here is slow and intense. Alexy licks from the top of Justin’s dick to the balls and back again. Justin’s dick is massive and it probes the deepest reaches of Alexy’s throat. After licking and sucking and swallowing Justin’s huge dick, Alexy’s cock deserves some attention. Justin’s throat takes his turn getting stuffed. Justin worships Alexy’s dick. Alexy’s amazingly tight defined abs ripple underneath his tattoos as Justin consumes his dick. After a long suck session both men unload. Alexy covers Justin’s chest and Justin spills onto Alexy’s pecs.

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