Brent Breaks In Joe At 

Brent is just a master when it comes to breaking a guy in, and that’s on display here as much as in any other video he’s done as he is the one to fuck Joe for the first time ever. Joe’s already had the opportunity to use that big, meaty dick of his on both Travis and Matt, but now he gets to be on the receiving end of a hot fuck and, judging by his reactions, facial expressions, and the load he fires off at the end, he thoroughly enjoyed it!

It’s easy to see just why Joe was overwhelmed by the incredible sensations throughout this entire video and why he had such a good time when you see what a great job Brent did popping his cherry! Brent is dominant, yet in a playful and even intimate kind of way. It’s hard to describe how he mixes this intimacy with some definitely dominance, but I’m sure you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video! The fact that Joe so easily gave himself up to Brent and let himself be dominated caught me off guard at first, but made more and more sense with each sign that Brent was making Joe feel things that were driving him wild!

Whether he’s prepping Joe’s hole with his mouth and fingers, sliding his dick into Joe’s mouth, holding his hands down on the bed or burying his long, hard dick into Joe’s ass, Brent shows off an incredible awareness of what makes his partner feel good, and what makes their first time more fun. Indeed, it’s obvious Brent totally loves it when he gets to be the first one to fuck another of the guys! He gets totally into it, makes sure he’s treating them just right, and recalls all of the things that made his own first bottoming experience a hot one, as well as everything he’s learned over the course of each video in which he’s been the first to fuck a guy, and puts those lessons to work – and it does the trick!

He doesn’t just fuck Joe, but blows Joe away! With Brent’s dick buried deep in his ass, Brent reaches around to stroke Joe’s cock and brings Joe to a huge orgasm! Joe’s moans, whimpers and facial expressions were priceless at this point, as were Brent’s! You could clearly see that Brent was totally thrilled to be making Joe cum and enjoying the moment a whole lot!

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Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

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