Introducing Brad Star

Porn star names are a lot like the actors themselves: often they look better on a marquee than they do close up. But of course, there are exceptions to that, and few of them are as aptly named as Brad Star. From that magazine cover face that is a masterpiece of angelically-wrapped bad boy, to that nine-and-one-half-inch legendary dick that sets the bar by which an entire generation measures a big dick against, Brad Star is one heavenly creature from head to toe, and especially in between. Bursting onto the scene just a couple of years ago, this gay-for-pay, ex-navy heartbreaker made a string of mega-hit movies before dropping out of site. This not only marks Brad Star’s debut, but also his return back to camera after taking the last year off. Brad’s recent rest meant he walked into the studio looking finer than ever, extremely relaxed and most important of all, more than ready to get that famous nine-inch-plus pole back where it belongs—in the spotlight. See Brad in action at!

We love ya Brad and that’s a wrap