Bobby And Marc At

Kylel admits it. He usually doesn’t get into porn unless someone is getting fucked. That’s until he caught Bobby and Marc going to town on each others cocks on my couch last week. These boys INHALE each other like hoovers! The two tight bodied hotties start off by watching some straight porn he had laying around and before you know it that sly little cock sucker Marc finds a way to get Bobby out of his clothes. After a serious make out session the dicks are hard, the lube comes out, and the jacking’ off begins. But who’s content just jerking off some cock? Not Marc! It doesn’t take much to convince Bobby that letting a dude blow him is a damn good idea and Marc does not disappoint! Now I’ve seen a lot of good cock suckers in my day but I ain’t seen nothin’ till I saw Marc’s crazy deep throating skills. Wait ’til you see Bobby’s eyes roll back in his head when Marc takes his entire cock down his throat! He’s so good he even convinces Bobby to go down on him!

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