Introducing Matt H and Kai

Matt H, the guy with the enormous cock is back and this time and he’s out to use it! Perhaps this film should be called, “the big fuck” but hey, in reality it’s still just two hot guys messing around together on the bed… 

You see, the only direction given to Matt H and Kai at the beginning of this film was to have fun – to be real natural and cheeky with each other. That was all the encouragement they needed… these two fella’s wasted no time in fooling around together and that’s because they both wanted some cock! Enjoy!

We love Matt and Kai and that’s a wrap


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Introducing Adam and Tim

After Adam and had made another hot solo film on the top of Dartmoor, the guys at BlakeMason decided to take him back (but to a less difficult location!) to make a hardcore film. Tim was also up for the challenge of some alfresco fun and so after a lengthy drive and a 20 minute walk, a suitable spot was found for the action to begin.

There’s just something special about two hot young guys getting it on together in the great British outdoors. The guys were horny as hell and the fading sun did little to curb their enthusiasm 😉

After some kissing, the guys start to suck down hard on each other’s cocks and even decide that a little rimming is in order before Adam takes control and it’s time for Tim to take his stiff cock up his ass. And Adam sure had fun being on top and fucking Tim with a good steady rhythm, but then Tim decided he wanted to ride Adam’s cock to orgasm… and in the end, well, Adam’s t-shirt sure was covered in cum …hehe. Enjoy!

We love Adam and Tim and that’s a wrap