Blake, Dustin & Ethan At

 Once in a while Randy puts a bunch of guys together just to watch them fuck. No major theme, no grand plan. And of course the first name that comes to mind is Blake Riley. Watching that guy fuck is like watching a mechanic work on a car or a painter create a masterpiece. We love the way Ethan and Dustin both worship Blake’s magnificent cock, Ethan running his tongue piercing all up and down it’s sensitive underside, driving him crazy. Then, rather than go right to the fucking, they rotate and let Ethan enjoy a double blowjob as Blake and Dustin fight over his hunk of meat. And I can tell that you’ll love Dustin playing piggy in the middle, getting fucked by Ethan as he goes down on Blake. But things really start to heat up when Dustin takes the lead and starts ramming Blake.

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