Introducing Barrett from

We have all heard the expression “walk tall and carry a big stick!” Well Barrett Long standing at 6’3” definitely has the tall part in the bag. As for the big stick, at eleven inches of some of the juiciest, thickest, jaw-breaking meat ever bestowed on any man, Barrett has no choice but to carry it: despite towering in at the height of a major league basketball center, if he did not pick up that over-sized gargantuan appendage, it would trail on the ground. Barrett’s body of work has lead to leading roles in, according to the man himself, between 30 and 40 films, but we can only estimate that the number of personal fantasies he has starred in is in the millions. Barrett’s first appearance at inspired a rallying cry for an encore that he answers today in his second exclusive appearance where he once again proves why Barrett Long is far from just an honorary title. Check him out at the site to see him in action. 

We love Barrett and that’s a wrap