Meet Baby Blue At

One look at those mischievous blue eyes, and it’s obvious why he goes by the nick name “Baby Blue”. Baby Blue is quite the character. He’s 22, 5’10, and packs a whopping 8” cock in his pants with incredible low hangers.  He’s the kind of guy that would make any party “a party”. He’s an exhibitionist and a voyeur. He isn’t shy about much, and isn’t afraid to try new things. Last week he had a girl he knew come pick him up at a bar cuz he was tanked. He ended up nailing his Designated Driver in a friend’s bathroom for 2 hours. Well, he was drunk! A hang over and a damaged towel rack later…“She was sober…and she initiated it, so I was like—alright”, he laughs. He is a horny one and loves to jack off anywhere and everywhere he can.  He says he likes his eyes as well, but more than anything he likes who he is. We like who he is too; but we think once we get him ‘nekid’, we’re gonna like a hell of a lot more.  Enjoy. 

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