Bentley Is A Handsome Nice Guy With Thick Tool!


Bentley was pretty nervous during his photos and solo, though he left saying he had a good time, and was ready to come back for more.  His buddies in high school would see him in the locker room and tell he should be doing porn. Apparently Bentley is show’er and grow’er! He has even tag-teamed a girl and done some mini-orgy action, and the feedback was….he needs to do porn!

No interactions with other guys during all this, and he is a bit on the fence on doing "more" but based on his group activities, we don’t think he is going to be too shy.  Not only is Bentley a handsome man, with hard and built body, but he scored big in the dick department. Nice and thick. If you like cocks with girth, he’s sporting a soda can. He struggles a bit to get it up (takes a lot to fill it up!) and focuses pretty heavily on the video playing for him. But once it is up, you can tell he is enjoying stroking it.


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