Bekim "Rise & Shine" At

It’s hard to imagine but Bekim becomes more handsome with each photo shoot. Look at his most popular early sets, “Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish,” “Just Havin A Ball,” “Mr Handsome” and look at him now. He just gets better and better. Growing up for Bekim has been like the aging of a fine bottle of wine becoming richer and more mysterious as the days pass. In Bekim we see a magnificent transformation from the beauty of youth to the fabulous masculine sensuality of early manhood.

“Rise & Shine” was shot on a very dark day at the studio and so we opted to do much of the shooting in the shower area to take advantage of the strong bathroom lighting. Quite naturally, then, we have Bekim going though his morning wake up routine, washing, brushing his teeth and shaving. Oh, and of course there is a lengthy series in the shower with Bekim soaping up his manly body from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Dressed in his dark blue jeans and black pullover, Bekim is just awesome … absolutely more handsome than ever as he poses by the studio Christmas tree and wishes all his fans a great Holiday Season. Then we return to the studio bath where Bekim puts on a magnificent exhibition of just how the money shot should be done. OMG.You’ll not want to miss this performance.

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