Bekim from BukBuddies

Bekim in "Full Circle." This astounding model revisits BukBuddies for his 15th appearance covering a span of almost 6 years. Bekim started modeling for BukBuddies when he had just turned 20. Starting off with a sizzling hot "boy toy" look in his first set "Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish", Bekim has become a true hottie in features like "Hangin Loose" and "Mr. Handsome." Now, no less a hottie, he has come full circle to what we can only describe as hunk!

Right after his shoot, Bekim was scheduled to leave for Australia to enjoy the summer. Derek had him stay the night at the studio so they could start this set bright and early …well, maybe not so bright as in the opening shots you’ll see a rather sleepy faced Bekim, unkempt, unshaven but definitely hot. There’s nothing like an early morning workout so Derek had Bekim run though his latest routine on the weight bench…getting pumped both physically and mentally for the next series by the window on the bright red stool. Starting off with a baseball cap, tighty whitie and shorts perched on the red stool immediately brought memories of "Hangin Loose" while the boyish vision of the past was now refocused on Bekim the man, Mr. Rock Solid, Mr. Machismo. It was a natural progression to the final series of shots leading up to Bekim’s always prolific money shot. After a series of semi nudes on the stool, erotic teasers and full blown arousal shots, Bekim explodes with one of his wildest cum shots ever. Enjoy!

We love Bekim and that’s a wrap