Bekim Gets Back To Basics At

Bekim is featured this week in a  set entitled “Back To Basics.” After more than 6 month’s absence from BukBuddies he is back, and yes believe it, in the best shape ever. Bekim is manlier, unbelievably sensual and down right sexier than ever.  “Back To Basics” was shot on a beautiful warm spring day so they were able to have Bekim work out on the deck, wash the jeep in his almost “altogether” and splash around a mini pool giving us a fantastic combination of intimate shots, water shots, portraits, candid cameos and of course volumes of erotic nude photos. Lying in the mini pool in the brilliant sunlight, Bekim displays his manhood fully erect with a bold arrogance that transcends the moment allowing us absolute intimacy as he strokes himself to a magnificent climax. In this set he finishes up with several candid shots as he relaxes doing a light work out keeping his beautiful body toned and ready for his next photo shoot. Enjoy.

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