Introducing Axel At

The guys over at ManAvenue passed Axel on his scooter a few weeks ago and did an immediate u-turn to chase him down. He had been out of town for several months visiting relatives in Europe, and they were glad to see him because they thought he had moved away. The conversation quickly turned to ManAvenue and he asked if he could join the guys on the boat the next time they went out. Let’s see…beautiful man, nice day, nice boat, beautiful man naked on the boat. Dicks getting hard just thinking about seeing him naked. Axel always plays to the camera. He is fucking hot and he knows it. He (like alot of the guys on the site) seem to get so turned on when the camera  starts rolling.  "Axel at Sea" is ManAvenue’s first full-length video (and not clips) available to stream or download (still in WMV and iPod formats).  In the meantime, get naked and enjoy "Axel at Sea"! 

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