Are You Ready For A Ride On The BaitBus!

 So what is it about straight boys that makes us want to corrupt them sooo badly?? We digress…we don’t mean corrupt. We mean defile. We mean make them switch teams on their knees in the dugout. And the million dollar question of what will it take to get this straight boy to see the light at then end of the dark tunnel? Well, alot less than you…may…think. And that then begs the question…if it was this easy to turn you, then maybe you always really wanted it. Yeah, you wanted it..cowboy…

 What Is The BaitBus?

Hi campers! Well here you are, at the Baitbus. In case you have never heard of this website we can sum it up like this: There are a couple of guys, with a video camera, a pair of GEDs and a dream. A dream that all guys are created equally…hehe!  For over five years they have been driving this bus around, picking up very intelligent guys and filming them getting banged.

A new guy is filmed each week, for five years now. Check it out

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 Get Off Now With Hot, Hung, Horny Muscle LIVE!!


Get Off Now With Hot, Hung, Horny Muscle LIVE!!