Live Arcady Zadrovich Joins

  Hey, wanna wrestle? MuscleHunk discovery Arcady does. Just watch him get it on—in a thong on the mat and in the sauna afterward—with Uberto Ugo in Dynamite’s best-selling DVD “Heat.” Arcady isn’t a pretty boy; he’s built solid and close to the ground—the perfect build for putting his opponent in a half-Nelson or showing off that massive ass. 


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So this is what wrestlers look like when they’re out of their singlets. Solid, 100% pure beef, no filler. This is one man you’re going to love to go to the mat with. 

And does he ever like to spread his cheeks! Don’t let the tough-guy exterior fool you. Once he warms to you, (if he warms to you!) he’ll flash a giant smile across that big square face. He’s got plenty of personality, and he just loves to show off. Get him down to a jock and ask him to play with his ass. Go ahead, he’ll just grin, turn around and give you a private show. No limits, no borders, nothing is too crazy for this guy.