Xavier "THE DEBUT" At ManifestMen.com

This week we bring you a super hot video update featuring Manifest Man: Xavier.  With over 40 minutes of solo muscle action featuring a body shaving video and a full j/o video, there is something for every muscle fan.

Drying off his freshly shaved muscle body Xavier stands before the mirror and begins to rub lotion across his hard muscles, making sure they get the poper attention. Even the slightest touch on his hard muscles makes Xavier hard and he grips his thick cock instinctively.Flexing in the mirror as he strokes his thick cock makes Xavier even bigger and harder. When he moves in closer he lets the slab of muscle cock rest on the counter before gripping its full length and stroking faster.  In no time Xavier’s cock head swells up and he shoots his thick load on the counter, milking it dry. He wipes his hands and leaves, his muscle cum on the counter as a sign: "Xavier Was Here" 

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