Introducing Lex

At 6’3” and 222 pounds of well-worked muscle, Lex is exactly what the guys love at a strapping serving of breeder meat that is more than ready to strut – and who has the stuff more than worthy of being on display. Did we say that!

21-year-old Lex’s exotic look is due to a unique mix of having a Columbian mother and a British father.  But that fine, f-i-n-e physique is due to something much more usual: hard work in the gym four times a week.  Guys that pump a lot of iron tend to have sexual appetites as large as their biceps and as you can see Lex has very big arms.  The bulge in his jeans, the international symbol of hot and horny, indicates he is packing plenty below the belt as well.  “I’ve got to hit every day,” he told us, “either by myself, with my girl or both.” He left his girlfriend at home which suited the camera guys just fine.  We know you’ll enjoy Lee.  See much more of him at

We love Lee