Introducing Daniel From

The object of this shoot was to have fun and Daniel sure did. The theme is a parody of a TV cooking show host preparing a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner.  A 5 star chef he is not…not even 1 star. (Actually he probably needs a recipe to boil water.) Nonetheless, having his very cute and very tight naked body running around the wooden chopping block choking the chicken and stuffing it up the butt, so to speak, definitely makes up for his culinary shortcummings. Of course the pumpkin pie is the tour de force, with Daniel taking full credit for the creamy toping. With the main course in the oven, Daniel perches his naked body on the chopping table and gives us a great show. First his tight abs, strong biceps and blond arm pits. Not being shy, he follows with some great ass shots, showing all the fuzzy details of his tight “a” hole. This is all an erotic preamble to the main event: Daniel plays with his pumpkin pie smiley face and whips up a creamy load to decorate the pie, making a very special pumpkin cream pie for his many BukBuddies fans. We love it and we’re sure you will to.  Enjoy!

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