Max is sexy as all fuck. He’s built like a mini bodybuilder with a masculine face and a big cock to complete the package. I really like his tattoos as well, and judging from your comments, you do too. Yummy stuff guys. And now here is the video you guys have been waiting for and we hope you enjoy this one. Max is so fucking hot! Wouldnt you just love to feel his muscles and get banged by that  Enjoy.

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Bonus Site Update CollinO’Neal

 Robert Brankov and Brennon At

First, Collin is a  HUGE fan of Robert Brankov so that is why you keep seeing him appear on Collin’s website. Not only is he a good friend, but he is also a very nice guy and very easy to work with. This scene was actually filmed in Belgrade, Serbia, in a very Soviet-esque era hotel…. 

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Bo Matthews awakes in his cabin with a hard-on and the need to piss. As Bo pisses, he hears something in the woods and glances over to find Luke Hass stroking his huge phallus while watching Bo piss. Bo waves him over and Luke comes out of the woods and into the cabin to find Bo on his knees. Bo goes straight to work on Luke’s cock and is an expert cocksucker. But Bo has many talents, including being an excellent bottom. Luke sheaths up and shoves his dick into Bo’s hole, fucking him slowly at first and then more forcefully. Soon, up the road comes Antonio Biaggi returning from fishing. Antonio walks up to see Bo bent over with Luke’s huge dick up his ass and asks if he can join in.

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