Home Bodies At Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Damien Crosse, Marcos David, Nick Marino, Roman Ragazzi, Scott Tanner, Trey Casteel, Tristan Phoenix, Victor Steele

Tired of going out night after night? The routine of prepping, the travel to and from various rumored hot spots, the late hours, loud noise, drinking to occupy your time and lubricate the song and dance of interminable bar courtship? Why not stay at home for an afternoon fuck with these studs? Have them come right into your sunlit home – no muss, no fuss and right to the point when one of these hot guys serves himself up on your couch, bed, kitchen or living room floor. Have an afternoon release in the comforts of your own home, hot sex with hot men in familiar surroundings. Let your inhibitions run free along with your raging cock and see what these studs are able to serve up – your very own Home Bodies…

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Oil Change At Raging Station Studios

Cast: Andy Nickel, Chris Brown, Christopher Fleur De Lis, Cyrus, Gilo, Mack Manus, Patrik Ekberg

Warning: Engines Overheat in this fuck stop!In the garage theres heavy traffic!These mechanics whip out their lubed up pistons and pump each other’s engines every chance they get – on a Harley, on a car hood, on the highway,. These guys are always so pent up, there’s no stopping until everyone is fucked out of commission!

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