Title: Ivy League – Falcon

Cast: Eddie Stone, Erik Rhodes, Jason Adonis, Martin Mazza, Roman Heart, Ryan Wade, Tony Martin, Zackary Ryan

Remember High School and the feeling of wanting so earnestly to be involved in something bigger? Remember the various clubs, groups and political organizations that were available for you to join so easily that it lost its luster when anyone could join? It was the groups who carefully selected their members that were the most popular. Ivy League is just that: an invite only group where only carefully selected men of impressive talents are able to join. Check and see who has a membership and you’ll know why they were chosen to belong to this prestigious league.

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Title: Sleaze – Mustang 

Cast: Alexy Tyler, Andrew Justice, Dak Ramsay, Derrick Hanson, Justin Riddick, Kam Run, Marc Williams , Marco Paris, Ryann Wood, Vin Nolan

Sleaze – tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar. That’s exactly where we start – in a cheap, sleazy motel off the end of a forgotten strip mall in downtown L.A., with Vin Nolan checking into the unwelcome sight of Dak Ramsey. Get ready for a late check-out.

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Title: Straight College Men 35 – Hawaii Day Two

Cast: Brett, Caleb, Dean, Duke, Sonny

Damn. We love our camping out with naked straight men in Hawaii job! 

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Title: Straight College Men 60 – The Castle Day Four

Cast: Ashton, Caleb, Dean, Duke, Jersey, Rocky, Stanton

When you take six straight guys on a trip to the middle of no where to do "not so straight things" with one another, you have to keep motivation in mind

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Title: Big Dick Club 2 – Falcon

Cast: Albert Long, CJ Madison, Cort Donovan, Hans Ebson, Jeremy Hall, Jesse Santana, Jonathan Lowe, Luca Alexander, Malik Sharif, Marcos David, Marko Hansom, Nickolay Petrov

     Cort Donovan winds his way through a maze of amply endowed erotic encounters as he searches for the new location of the highly-esteemed and scandalously exclusive Big Dick Club. You won’t want to miss a moment of the action – or an inch – of the super-hung cast.

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Title: Bunker – Falcon 

Cast: Brad Rock, Dean Campbell, Ivan Andros, Justin Riddick, Ken Browning, Nick Marino, Rodin Kohl, Trey Casteel, Trojan Rock, Troy Brewer

Far beyond basic training, in the bunks and latrines of the barracks, hardbodied soldiers give in to lust. A brigade tries to keep from losing their collective mind during their fight in the war. The bunker seems to be the only safe haven. The men gather in different spots and find out whats more important that fighting a war is finding a way to stay alive and live life. These guys make for some supremely satisfying drills and exercises.

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Title: Hunger – Black Scorpion

Cast: Alexi Chevalier, Arpad Miklos , CJ Knight, David Handsome, DO, Greg David, Joe Strong, Jonathan Lowe, Kyle Lewis, Marko Hansom, Rafael Alencar, Rocko

Shot entirely on location in New York City, the concept is simple, but Hunger’s sexual energy is anything but. Hunger takes viewers on a culinary thrill ride that explores the magical, sexual mystery of what happens when fine food and sexual desire collide. Not one fine dining image escapes sexual exploration �from waiters and bartenders, to sous chefs and luxury bathroom attendants.

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Title: Vanished – Falcon

Cast: , Andrew Justice, Bo Matthews, Ryann Wood, Tyler Saint

When Tyler Saint vanishes without a trace, Jake Dakota goes off in search of his best friend only to discover the dark, depraved world of sado-masochistic man-on-man sex, a society both repugnant and compelling. 

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