Among Men Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Erik Lenn, Ivan Andros, Lance de Moor, Mike French, Rick Hollander, Steve Bonsai, Will Wonder

Two gorgeous men are missing from the countryside around Berlin, The police have no idea what’s going on, as they can only find the car the two were driving. The trail leads to an abandoned mansion, but there’s something odd going on. Behind every door fat cocks are waiting, luring you in. They’re connected to real men who just take what they need, and that’s SEX!. Then they disappear from whence they came. Those who fell prey to their lusts ask themselves if the studs were real. During the investigation two policemen get a lot more than just their horizons broadened. And in the end the two realise they’ve wanted to fuck each other’s brains out for ages. 

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Hunter Hunted Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Bruce Macney, Erik Hunter, Josh West, Matthew Ford, Peter Axel, Piero Sias, Tober Brandt, Trojan Rock, Xerxes

JD Slater brings us another scalding hot tale of men and the men who love them. Tober Brandt, recent Centurion Man of the Year award winner, is on the hunt and the rest of Slaters incredible cast of horny men are the hunted. They are hot, hairy muscle daddies that can satisfy any animal hunger. Lights, shadows, fur, jockstraps, angles, and incredible sets make up JDs newest look at fur-covered, testosterone-fueled muscle men: HUNTER HUNTED.

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