Tristan In "Rock Hard" Only At

Ok, Tristan is hot, we should say fucking hot because that’s the only way you can describe him after viewing his latest BukBuddies set entitled “Rock Hard.” We were lucky to catch Tristan on a bright sunny spring day and was it worth the trip up north to see this jacked and ripped sex puppy parade around the house first in next to nothing, then later as his natural boner busting hunky nude self … plus naked as a jay bird working up a sweat in the back yard and on the deck fully exposed. The shots are superior; the moods breathtaking. Shooting the video was just as much fun. Tristan provides animated non stop dialogue, sexy vignettes and a heart pounding erotically explosive finale as he dumps a monster jizz load on his chiseled abs. But there’s more … including dynamite shower shots and lots of extra “behind the scenes” video for all Tristan’s fans to enjoy. This is a set and video not to be missed and his DVD is a must have with all the extra footage. Bottom line, Tristan’s latest feature is just what BukBuddies is all about, showing off amateur straight dudes at their best. This week BukBuddies is definitely spelled “Tristan.” Enjoy! 

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