Travis And Jared At

Both Travis and Jared are fairly new to CF, each having only a handful of guy/guy experiences yet both, no doubt, truly discovering just how hot and fun they can be. If either had any lingering doubt guy on guy sex could be hot as hell, it all disappeared once they got paired up together!

We’ve never seen Jared having so much fun on the receiving end of another stud’s cock, and he has no hang-ups about making that clear here. From his moans to the things he says to what he asks Travis to do to him, Jared was loving having Travis’s big dick inside him. Likewise, the once-shy Travis got so caught up on the pleasure he was delivering to the guy on the receiving end of that dick of his that he was also clearly having a blast.

This vid marks quite a step for each of these guys. At certain points during some of their previous action with other guys, you could tell they were a little unsure of how to react to it all and still figuring out what to do in the midst of all the action. Here, however, they’re each all about having hot sex and getting off. It’s one of the great things about being able to get the guys to try out more and more guy/guy sex – all hang-ups disappear and they just want to fuck and have fun as they’d previously only been doing with girls!  Enjoy. 

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