Travis Fucks Derek At

Travis (on the right and Derek on the left) is fairly new to CFU, but already he’s taken a shot at trying things out with guys and done a damn good job at it! He really gets off on being on camera and his initial hesitation and nervousness at being with guys quickly got tossed aside knowing that he had an audience and that turned him on even more. No doubt, he also was quick to realize that things were feeling damn good and that big dick of his loved the treatment it was getting at the hands (and other body parts!) of his fellow CF studs.

The first fellow CF stud Travis fucked was Brent. Few guys get in to things as much as Derek and when you watch Derek get fucked, it’s as if his entire body feels every pump and thrust and he looks absolutely incredible.

Indeed, after getting things warmed up and some really intense foreplay (including some more experimentation with sucking dick from Travis), Derek soon has a big dick buried in his ass, with Travis pumping away. Derek’s expressions must have accurately portrayed how he was feeling, as he shot his load pretty early while riding Travis. It was so hot seeing Derek cum early because he was so ready to, and simply had to, as opposed to holding off his load ’til the end in a more traditional porn ending. It was as real as it gets! The action wasn’t done yet, though, as Travis still had to get his own nut and that involved fucking Derek some more, this time with Derek on all fours.

When Travis finally does shoot his load, it’s big and powerful and blasted nearly across the room (though, thankfully, Derek’s hot body was there to block it hehe). This is as hot as it gets guys! Enjoy.

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