Tommy Defendi & Krist Cummings On brings their favorite Chicago Meat Packer back this week, Tommy Defendi with his thick, cut nine incher rock hard before he walked in. The recipient of Tommy’s schlong is 21 year old Krist Cummings and the question is, will this 5’4” pint size of cuteness be able to handle Tommy’s massive meat? Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy’s massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist’s hungry mouth. From there, they switch over into a hot 69 with Krist nursing on Tommy’s dick like a milk-starved calf. He then orders Krist to get on his stomach and once he does, Tommy lines his thick cock up with that sweet ass and lowers himself into Krist. He fucks him deep for a bit then jack rabbits that cock and repeats. The combination is insane. He then pulls out, lays back and has Krist ride his meat until he blasts a massive load that continues to drip down Krist’s back as Krist makes his own eruption all over Tommy’s abs. 

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