Introducing Keefe From Sean Cody

We have created a new category called "The Men of Sean Cody".  One of the things that makes Men4MenLive Blog different is we aren’t going to just throw anything at you as it comes along.  In fact we may post less than most.  We review and promote only the best sites.  Sites with a flare and staying power.  Sites that also treat their products with respect as well as their customers and models.  Sean Cody is one of those class act sites.

Who is Sean Cody and what type of person creates a great porn site?  Who better to tell you than Sean Cody himself?

"Who am I? Well, I am an average guy who just happens to have a love for the beauty of the male form. I’m actually very normal in most respects and when people meet me they can’t believe I do this because I am very clean cut and I look very straight-laced.

I was born in a very conservative state and had a happy but strictly religious upbringing. I was a Mormon up until the age of eighteen, at which time I decided that living a puritanical lifestyle simply wasn’t for me.

My fascination with the male body started early. In school I snuck peeks at the other guys in the locker room after gym class. I remember seeing their muscular, developing bodies in the shower and with great fascination I noticed all the different treasure trails, body hair patterns, builds, and dick sizes. I would hear them talk about the girls they wanted to fuck and how often they masturbated and it took a great amount of effort to keep my own cock soft. I guess it didn’t help that I went to school with a lot of hot guys — that just fueled the fire.

I saw my first porno when I was fifteen. It was a heterosexual movie, but I remember being so excited with and so enamored by the sight of all that naked flesh. I felt guilty after watching it, but I was completely hypnotized by the guys and their cocks and how they used them.

After high school and through my early twenties I still hadn’t admitted to myself that I was gay. It was a very confusing time for me and I dealt with it by throwing myself into my university work and earning my master’s degree. During my college years, I dated and had sexual relations only with women. I don’t possess a repulsion for the female anatomy, but for me heterosexual sex just lacked electricity.

After graduation, I got a job with a large software company and bought my own place. Living alone let me explore myself and it wasn’t long before I had my first homosexual experience. The guy I lost my "virginity" to was a lean, young stud with hard muscles and a big dick. I knew I was hooked.
I spent the rest of my twenties working hard but having fun.

When I turned thirty I decided to start an adult website because I knew it was something I would enjoy. I had never even held a camcorder before and I didn’t know what I was doing but I learned, mostly through trial and error.

I have a lot of fun running this site and that’s why I do it. I’ve met a lot of cool people and experienced a lot of things I otherwise wouldn’t have. The hardest part about being in this line of work is telling people what you do. Fortunately, my family and friends know and they’re surprisingly accepting."

More of Keefe From Sean Cody

As you can see Keefe is a big guy. Keefe has just finished his tour of duty with the military.

He played football in school and he’s definitely built for it. He’s got big, powerful legs — but what’s most impressive about his body is the huge piece of meat dangling between his legs. What is it with military guys and big dicks, they always seem to be packing. Keefe’s dick is long and fat. He confesses he likes to have anal sex (even though he’s straight). Lucky girls is all we can say!

Introducing Garth  and Our Hottie Of The Day!

Garth is a professional fighter from the east coast of the USA. He’s kind of a small guy at 5’5", but he’s packing a big piece of meat between his legs as you can clearly see and it’s almost 8 inches long and really thick!