The Jarics: The First Falcon Studios Exclusive Gay Couple

The Jarics: Aden and Jordan Jaric recently became one of Falcon Studios’ First Exclusive Gay Couple. With both of their charm and boyish good looks beaming through the pics, you’ll want to see them in their upcoming New Release – “Endless Crush” (a remake of the Colby Taylor & Travis Wade favorite “The Crush“. We’ve seen reviews of “Endless Crush” and IT IS HOT!

This couple is special because they are the first monogamous gay couple to sign an exclusive with Falcon Studios. They’re both very outgoing and friendly.

At first in the Live Sex show, the guys seemed a bit intimidated in front of the live camera with the chat boards going crazy. Still, the obvious lust between these two wasted no time with intimidation and we all soon saw their clothes were on the floor. Jordan plays the top throughout, albeit he claims to be versatile. Aden takes it like a hungry bottom trooper until neither can hold back any longer. Its definitely worth watching and guaranteed to get you off without Viagra.

Watch for more to come from these guys as they have stirred quite an interest in the gay circuit as the first monogamous gay porn couple. Watch for the next FalconXXX Live Sex show with these two. What would you like to see them do next?

We love you guys and that’s a wrap

Aden Jaric

Jordan Jaric