Doug And Diego Shower Ourdoors At

We’ve got a few sets of goodies for you from the Fratpad. The guys have been having a blast making videos of each other.

You can find the G-rated ones on Youtube (particularly of interest is the Crump video showing off their questionable and intentionally comedic dancing skills and the "Saw" parody which seems to show how odd it must be to be a cam performer who lives and works on set). Of particular interest there is the Diego Initiation video, the Diego gets his hairy ass crack waxed video and the "Fratpad Cum Together" video. Here are some other photosets of the guys showering, working out and of course.. getting a rub down from Diego who seems to be cashing in ALL of his straight guy points at once.

All the videos are now downloadable in the antics section of Fratpad for all members

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Anyone For A Nice Naked Massage?

How About A Naked Workout!