Some Fun With Eric From

Hey you. I am Eric. I am 23 years old, 6 feet tall, 182 pounds and a solid 8 inches long. I love everything from the 80’s – the music, art and fashion. Part of my closet is filled with 80’s gear. Last week I was working-out at the gym. This little stud walks out of the dressing room sporting these very tight, and very revealing bright lycra-shorts. So tight I could tell his religion…Uh, his thick monster is uncut. To finish off his 80’s ensemble he also had on a cut-off mesh muscle shirt, showing off his 6-pack, a white head-band, leg warmers and some old white Reebok runners. I could not believe how unconcerned he was about his cock, more or less, being exposed like that. I watched, yah more like stared as he did some reps on the bench. Every time he pushed up it was like his penis was standing up to see if I was still watching. I got so hot that I had to take an early shower. While I "enjoyed" my shower, he snuck in. He watched me the entire time as I kept cleaning my head – some unlucky guy is going to have a part of me stuck to his foot. Well, my lack of restraint paid-off. Terry, Mr. Uncut, and I have a date tonight. The plan is a light dinner, then a concert (some diva with a beautiful set of pipes.) and hopefully another workout. 😉 I will keep you informed or maybe I will show you some pics if you ask me nicely. Wish me luck.

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