A Sneek Peek at This Week in Videos! At ChaosMen.com

It’s all about Silas & Teo this week, but there is a lot leading up to his first full-on scene with a dude! Here is the line-up!

Coming this week  to Chaosmen.com 

Super cute (and hung!) Donny

Donny is hung dude who showed up for the initial shoot a bit tipsy. He was a bit nutty and giggly, as he and some buddies had been drinking on their way to the studios, pre-celebrating his future in porn.  Bryan sent him and his buddies to the hotel, and the next morning he arrived serious and ready to rub one off. Thankfully it turned out to be one hot solo!

Reece ‘Serviced’ At ChaosMen.com

Bryan  liked Reece’s body language at the beginning. The guys have three options of where they can look during one of these. They can either watch the porn, close their eyes, or watch the blow job. The choice is theirs. Though Bryan thinks Ajax opted to watch himself getting sucked off the camera’s screen.

Reece didnt seem to want to watch the video. He opted to close his eyes, but is constantly taking peeks of the blow job. But the body language the camera is most interested in is just before Bryan gets down to taking off his jeans. Reece throws his hands up over his eyes serveral times. It’s very telling as he tries to "block" what is about to happen. He eventually drops his hands and surrenders.

You can’t ask for a better cumshot. Dynamic tension, great body expression! You can just see the explosion about to build, and totally one of the best cumshots on the site handsdown.

Teo & Silas

Teo And Silas At ChaosMen.com

 Bryan was really excited about bringing you this pairing. He thinks Silas and Teo could pass for brothers, and  knew that they would look awesome together.

Bryan says he loves working with Silas, and Teo has turned out to be a solid performer, a dude who has amazing stamina, and can cum on demand. Now let’s see if we can get something up Teo’s back door! We know we say this often, but this video will not disapoint. It’s amazing from start to finish!

This is Teo’s first time fucking a dude, and Silas was way in to it. We even did some fun photos over at my friends house. Also, there are some amazing wallpapers in the wallpaper area. Jeff Wietor really likes Teo, Silas and the pairing. Beautiful work.