Introducing Shay At

When we see this thirty year strips down by the pool we can almost feel the temperature climb. Getting ready for a body building competition, Shay is shaved from head to toe, Shay’s marble smooth body, glistening under the sun rays and magnified by the spray of water from the outdoor shower is a site to commit to memory for ever. After a dip in the pool, Shay moves to the bedroom to do what he does best – use that fine body as an instrument of pleasure.  Enjoy. 

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Meet Michael Next

Introducing Michael At

Hailing from Hollywood, FL, our home grown Michael Buck grins as he assures us he’s “made up for lost time!” when asked why he held onto his cherry so long. Apparently good things come to those who wait & Michael ended up losing his in Ft. Lauderdale to 5 horny Colombian girls at the age of 17. Sounds like the coming of age that every horny Spring Breaker dreams about. Fortunately, that experience set the bar for the self-professed heart breaker & he still loves the group scene whenever possible! If only those girls back then knew just how hot that lean local would turn out. At 30, this 6’ Adonis now tips the scale at almost 260 of rock solid muscle. His proportions are well defined. A couple tatts & some scars & a pearl piercing he sheepishly admits he got while “away” are a reminder that this nice guy has a definite bad boy edge. If you’ve ever been at the gym & wondered what those hot buff boys look like “buck” nekkid & stroking …well, stick around —you’re about to get your wish!  

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