Introducing Derek From

Derek is an active-duty Marine. He’s 20 years old. Derek arrived on his motorcycle, about an hour late for his shoot. He seemed really excited."Is everything OK?" "Yeah, I almost got busted on my way down here," he replied. Apparently he was going 110 mph on the freeway and passed a highway patrol car, which immediately began pursuit. He was able to exit into a residential neighborhood and lose the cops. He’s a 20-year-old Marine with a crotch rocket. What are you going to do…

"So do you live on base?" "I used to, but not anymore," he replied."Why not?" "No privacy," he replied. "Can’t jerk off without a bunch of other guys hearing you." He likes to look at himself in the mirror when he masturbates. It’s kind of hard to do that in the "Do you like being in the service?" "Hell, yeah. It’s awesome," he said with a smile. "Best way to meet chicks. They love military guys." "You get a lot play then?" "Yes sir. Lots."

Derek’s really hot! Beautiful eyes, handsome face, hairy, muscular body, and a nice dick. What’s not to love?


We love ya Derek and that’s a wrap