Meet Sean At

 Sean is a straight construction worker, as you may remember, and he has never done anything with another guy sexually.  Sean’s a pretty big guy, so Buzz didn’t want to do anything to piss him off! Buzz invited Kendall to come over and give him a hand with this one, and told him that Sean was up for a massage and maybe head from a guy. Kendall, of course, likes to get right to business, so he gave him a little rub down, and then goes right for the goods! Sean reacts by spreading his legs farther apart! Buzz was wide eyed with anticipation! Next thing, Kendall had Sean up on his hands and knees and was milking his fat cock that was hard as a rock! They flip him over and Kendall rubs him a little more before getting out the flavored lube and swallows Sean’s cock all the way to the balls! Sean holds back for a few minutes before he let’s loose of a real nice load! SO HOT! Ah first times!

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