Sal In HornyHoundDogs On

Sal’s first set with HornyHounDogs got some really good attention. He had never had anything hard next to his butt other than a toilet seat. So his first encounter with a dildo was a real challenge. But now after doing a little reflecting on the hole situation, well, he was more than ready to go to the next level with a full motion vibrating dong.

Being a real Army dude, full camo dress and makeup gave Sal a totally macho look. Guess a fully loaded pink vibrator might be the last thing you would expect to see this dude take a liking to, but it was lock and load baby and Sal was heading for a horny ride with his new joy toy.

Stroking his bone and shoving his vibrator home, yup, that’s what it was all about. With Sal just about to go over the edge, there was no turning back. Sal knew he had cum this far and he was ready to explode his jizz load all over the floor. His orgasm was intense, like an electric shock reaching from his balls to the tip of his cock and he knew he had those pink vibrations to thank for it all … just like the song says, “I’m feeling those pink vibrations.”

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Click here to take the Bukbuddies tour now

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