Introducing Ronald Casis At

Ronald is from Colorado. At a thick, muscular 5’11, Ronald Casis is a 27 year old hottie. Boyish looks and soft spoken his charm is only over shadowed by his 8” club he packs between his muscular thighs. He’s currently single and making up for lost time after leaving his x for “irreconcilable differences” we guess she’s regretting not letting Ronald tap her ass now, huh? Ronald’s on the prowl. They need to be curvy and have big knockers, dark featured with exotic looks.   Ronald loves sex and loves it outdoors: in the car, on the beach and in the occasional bank drive thru after hours. Ya gotta love his sense of adventure! Well, actually once we get him out of his clothes; we have a feeling there will be a lot more to love.  Enjoy. 

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